Rumble Strip Vermont on Magic: The Gathering

“What do you say to the country of people who just are bewildered?”
“Um, read the manual.”

Erica Heilman, host of Rumble Strip Vermont, posted an episode last night, titled Magic: The Gathering, in which she explores the game of Magic: the Gathering through the eyes of players at the Book Garden in Montpelier during the weekly Friday Night Magic hours. Erica’s son plays Magic, and this episode is like getting to peek through the eyes of someone peeking into the hobby. I love the thoughtful, reflective answers Erica gets to her questions, from interviewees of all ages.

As a bonus, you can also listen to Erica’s son try to teach her how to play Magic in this raw audio clip. I think I can hear them both smiling throughout, which is good, because they get into a bit of a loop about what lands are good for, and why anyone would ever tap them.

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