Sentinels of the Multiverse: Take One Tablet, Never Go Outside Again

Baron Blade glowers behind the heroes from lef to right: Tachyon, Absolute Zero, the Wraith, Legacy and Bunker.Sentinels of the Multiverse‘s adaptation for tablets went live in the software stores last week. I haven’t looked at the audience reaction to the app’s launch, but I would guess it’s been positive, tempered by the usual first day issues. The reason I haven’t looked at anything about the app, beyond knowing it is now available, is that I would probably never leave the house again — or at least for a very long time. When Hearthstone was in open beta, I sat on the couch playing for three nights straight before uninstalling that.[1]

I have given some thought to breaking my “no video games” habit with Sentinels of the Multiverse — as well as breaking my “no new technology” guideline, too. I picked up the base game up when I was looking for something to play solo, but only tried the solo version of a two-player variant once. The first try was promising, but I haven’t motivated myself to make a point of taking it out for further testing. I think I burned myself out on constant shuffling with that playthrough of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.

Sentinels has been my go-to at game days and nights when the focus is on group play. I could cheerfully play a lot more of it, but the opportunities haven’t been there and depending on who’s at the table and their familiarity with the game, it sometimes feels like less of a hit for the group at large than it is for me.

At the very least, it’s given me the chance to scratch the collecting itch when between Call of Cthulhu boxes. Greater Than Games has done a great job supplementing the core game with not only more boxes of cards, but also mini-expansions that give the acquisitional fix without requiring as much cash outlay as a traditional expansion.

[1] I had a similar experience with Warcraft II. I thought I tried it out for 45 minutes. That single session ran more like six hours. I never played it again.

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