Call of Cthulhu LCG: The Sleeper Stirs

Strange webbed beings float underwater, watching Cthulhu awaken.Had my first play with the new Sleeper Below cards the other night, using the sample deck list from Fantasy Flight — which, weirdly, was posted to their website, rather than appearing on the insert in the box; I suspect because the deck calls for a non-core, non-Sleeper Below card, Temple of R’lyeh. Ray, who learned the game recently, used an untested mono Hastur deck I drafted a while back, but not yet tested myself.

And with good reason, because the Temple facilitated this play to win the third story:

  1. Sacrifice Gustaf Johansen to the Temple of R’lyeh — and this may have been Gustaf’s most useful contribution all game, as Ray’s Dangerous Inmate had been steadily keeping him insane all game.
  2. Disrupt the sacrifice of Gustaf, a cultist, with Twisted Acropolis, thus paying 1 to put Fiona Day into play.
  3. Trigger Fiona’s own disrupt as she enters play, sacrificing three more cultists to place the final three success tokens on the third story.

After writing that out, I started wondering if it really does work. Fiona’s disrupt ability says “after you play Fiona Day,” which I understand to mean “paid her cost to play during your operations phase,” whereas Twisted Acropolis is a “put into play” effect. A similar distinction was made with Nug a while back, as people were using temporary “put into play” effects to use Nug’s ability to build up their domains on entering play repeatedly in a game. So now Nug has to be played from hand, not simply put into play, to benefit from its domain ramping effect.

And the brain trust over at agrees. Really, being Dormant is enough of an assist to play Fiona cheaply. And makes you work harder for what could be the game-winning move, since then you have to coordinate her being played with having enough success tokens on another store and having ample cultists in play.

My bad, Ray! Won’t happen again.


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