Call of Cthulhu LCG: Even Death May Die

Call of Cthulhu Sleeper Below box art.Fantasy Flight put up what I hope is the last Sleeper Below preview before the box hits distribution channels. And interestingly, two of the cards featured seem to have been designed as a response to the Yithians’ discard pile shenanigans from The Key and the Gate. Even Death May Die exhausts to snipe cards as they enter a discard pile, putting them right out of the game. In fact, it seems like it would even work against cards going from the deck straight to the discard. If so, that would be extra frustrating for Yog-Sothoth decks that want to expedite cards getting into the discard.

The Bone Sculptor complements that proactive stance. It can take a character out of the discard, give you temporary control of it, and then exile it completely. It’s a little costlier though, requiring a domain with resources to cover the cost of the borrowed character.

The third featured card, The Stars Are Right, we’ve seen before. It’s a gamble on the controller’s part. They get to put a Dormant character into play temporarily, but if they can’t attach it to a story card with no success tokens belonging to the controller, the Dormant character is removed from the game.

I’ve been resisting the spoiler thread over at CardGameDB, because I like flipping through a pack and seeing cards I didn’t know were coming. But between these previews and what’s begun trickling out through others asking questions and designing decks, my resolve is weakening. Sleeper Below is still on the boat, according to Fantasy Flight’s schedule. I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out.

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