Call of Cthulhu LCG: Tragic Evaluations

There’s an Australian fellow who goes by the name Tragic, or TragictheBlathering, with a YouTube channel full of unboxing games, solo play throughs and general game commentary. Among his commentary are card by card evaluations of some of the recent Call of Cthulhu box sets. Take for example his video covering the Syndicate’s recent box, Denizens of the Underworld:

He’s also recorded evaluations of Miskatonic University’s Seekers of Knowledge, as well as for various packs from the Netrunner, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings living card games. The box set videos run long enough that I treat them like podcasts: play the video in a background tab while I do other things, and listen to Tragic blather, as it were. And he blathers well, with an insight that’s really helpful to anyone coming to card games of this type for the first time. I hope he records a video for the soon to arrive The Sleeper Below, as well. I really want to hear which cards he thinks are “bonkers” — which seems to be an adjective for which he and Jason Mantzoukas share an affinity.


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