Board Games on The Dork Forest

Dozens of "dorky" characters in green tones crowd together in The Dork Forest logo.Jackie Kashian‘s podcast The Dork Forest is one of my absolute favorite shows. In addition to being a great comedian, Jackie bridges the worlds of entertainment and nerdery. I love hearing comedians and other entertainers take a step away from being “on” and talk about what interests them. It’s almost kind of spooky when the topic turns to tabletop games. “Famous people like to play games, too?!” my incredulous brain exclaims.

Recently, The Dork Forest had a short run of board game topics. Ed Baraf was on to talk about game design and his now-funded Kickstarter for Lift Off. And the week after, Peter Adkison and Jake Theis were on to talk about GenCon, tabletop games and more.

Jackie’s a great host, and always an energetic guide into new, unexplored passions. Check out The Dork Forest!

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