[Mummy’s Mask] Ghoulish Nation-Building

The Half-Dead City cover art.We went off-book this week in Mummy’s Mask. Tath the tiefling witch has been very interested in picking up where another team of treasure retrievers left off, as ghouls cut the Sand Scorpions in half before they could even get to their assigned target, Iskahara’s house of perfumes.

So into the necropolis they returned, heading for Acrid Street, the perfumery district. And they discovered not one pack of ghouls, but two, plus an embassy from a ghoul nation deep beneath the earth. Akhil was not psyched about treating with ghouls at all, but Tath and Raenar pushed forward, made some friendly overtures, and got free passage within their territory, so that’s a good start.

And then they met a girtablilu in Iskhara’s shop. It’s a very cosmopolitan population in today’s necropolis. More than half of whom did not immediately try to kill us!

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