Living Card Game Day at Brap’s Magic

Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game in progress.

Photo by MrPinkEyes.

This past Sunday, Brap’s Magic, one of the local games stores in Burlington, hosted a Living Card Game Day. Living card games are Fantasy Flight Games’ adaptation of the collectible card game model: large pools of cards, finely worded rules about their interactions and tremendous license to customize a deck, without the random packaging element of the collectible model. My go-to LCGs are Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game and Android: Netrunner. Netrunner‘s got a pretty good local following, with regular league nights every other week at Brap’s. But they’re good folk at Brap’s, and like to support all sorts of games. So they hosted an LCG day for the titles played locally: Netrunner, A Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu.

For minimal advertising via Facebook, it went pretty well. Another community member came down from Montreal. He and I taught Call of Cthulhu to two new players, and then spent the afternoon going back and forth with various decks. I mostly got stomped, but in an educational way. I got to see how effective a Syndicate deck’s high skill advantages can be with cards like Mr. David Pan and O’Bannion’s Inner Council. I also got to see the relative silliness of a CCG era Cthulhu deck. By all account, the living card game version of Cthulhu started out much more reined-in compared to its collectible incarnation. The last few years, though, have seen a steady ramping up in card effectiveness. On a pure effect-for-effect basis, you’re much likely to see recently published cards with a smattering of older ones that happen to hook in well with the deck’s goal.

But anyway, the LCG Day at Brap’s was good. I hope to continue to be on board for future gatherings. Nothing gets more players to like a game than sitting down and trying it. And this past Sunday was a success in that regard, as one of the newcomers asked me later about where to start buying cards!


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