[Mummy’s Mask] The House of Pentheru Is a Real Fixer-Upper

“Let’s make a vargouille-zela!”
— Akhil, oracle of Pharasma

The Half-Dead City cover art.We cleaned out the remainder of the house of Pentheru this week. Smarting from the encounter with the house’s off-kilter genius loci, the wealth extraction concern PlunderCats, Ltd., dba some more reputable name, were alarmed by the indication of vargouilles[1] on the second floor of the house and suitably cautious in the exploration thereof. After dealing with the foreshadowed vargouilles — deprotagonization via paralysis is never not a poor choice to put in a monster’s list of ways to screw with characters — and wondering why Akhil was bro-tight with a disembodied floating head — the crypt of Pentheru was a little anti-climactic. Viktovich did a bang-up job threshing a swarm of undead cats — cat king? — and there were some items of note, but the action was low-key, thanks to the archaeologist ably disarming a nasty trap.

Looking forward, Tath the tiefling witch is pretty psyched about setting ghoul factions against each other. In-character, anything that sets ghouls against each other, rather than preying on innocents, is a bang-up idea to Mentu, my spell-less ranger, but out of character, all I have to say is goddamn motherfucking ghouls. More paralysis.

“I’m changing my class to magic-usurer.”
— Raenar slips into the role of party accountant

[1] Which were super obnoxious in one of the many Skull & Shackles‘ sessions ending in TPK or morale equivalent, too.

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