Crystalline Counters

A game of TimeLine in progress.

TimeLine in progress.

If you’re a fan of Cheapass Games’ output, you already know the value of a gaming component toolkit: dice, pawns, colored tokens and whatever other game component-like materials might be called for. Plenty of other games call for or are aided by a supplemental supply of bits, as theoretically infinite supplies run out, or tokens go missing over time; plus they’re super handy if you’re the sort to prototype your own game designs.

And so we have 3 Sages’ crystalline counters. They might remind you of the colored glass beads you’ll find for sale in craft stores, but these guys have three distinct advantages: they are lighter than glass beads, and so easier to carry a large supply; they are more compact, and so take up less space; and they’re more visually interesting to look at, with an asymmetrical design that you can see in the picture of TimeLine in progress at the top of the post.

I’ve got a set of six colors or so, to match the standard six colors you find in most board games. They’re at the ready for whatever gaming purpose may arise, and I’m pretty sure they will be exchangeable for MeowMeowBeenz after the fall of western civilization.

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