Call of Cthulhu LCG: Company Men

Call of Cthulhu The Card Game box art, circa 2014.Last week, I introduced Toby to Call of Cthulhu. We used a couple of introductory decks I had put together: mono Cthulhu focusing on Deep Ones and mono Agency with an emphasis on the Day mechanic. Deep Ones is a pretty common suggestion over on as an introductory constructed deck, so I came up with something based on other forum dwellers’ suggestions. It needs updating, though, since Denizens of the Underworld gave us Robert Friendly, the most inappropriately named Deep One since Sunny Seco.

Company Men

Total Cards: (51)

Character: (25)
2x James Logan (Whispers in the Dark)
3x Local Sheriff (Core Set)
2x Special Agent Clarkston (Aspirations of Ascension)
2x Mr. Grey (Conspiracies of Chaos)
2x Norman Blackwood, Jr. (Secrets of Arkham)
2x Norman Blackwood, Sr. (The Key and the Gate)
3x Blackwood File Clerk (Core Set)
3x Undercover Security (Core Set)
2x Trial Judge (The Gleaming Spiral)
2x New Recruit (Initiations of the Favored)
2x Paul LeMond (Core Set)

Support: (15)
2x San Marco Basilica (Terror in Venice)
2x Shotgun (Core Set)
3x Beneath the Burning Sun (Secrets of Arkham)
2x Holy Rosary (The Twilight Beckons)
2x Lightning Gun (Secrets of Arkham)
2x Military Bike (The Path to Y’ha-nthlei)
2x The Iron Cross (Terror in Venice)

Event: (11)
3x Behind Bars (Sleep of the Dead)
2x Cover Me! (Words of Power)
2x Hamu IV 1:13 (Seekers of Knowledge)
2x Inside Information (Core Set)
2x Small Price to Pay (Core Set)

Deck Created with Call of Cthulhu Deckbuilder

Building on that idea of introductory decks in anticipation of a Call of Cthulhu LCG event that Brap’s Magic hosted, I drafted an all-Blackwood Agency deck called Company Men. The focus is on doing damage and taking advantage of the various Agency cards that benefit from it being Day: Norman Blackwood, Jr. is awesome in the daytime, and Trial Judge gets cheaper to play — and he combines nicely with San Marco Basilica to block multiple characters from committing to stories. Beneath the Burning Sun throwing more skulls onto James Logan, armed with the lightning gun and an iron cross, is icing on the cake.

So far I’ve been happy with how the deck plays. I don’t know how well it would stand up to something that took a less direct tactic, like stealing control of characters, but against Deep Ones with a similar focus on doling out destruction, it felt like a suitable pairing for a first game.

There are some elements in here I’m not sure about yet, as they haven’t managed to get into my hand when it was the right time to play them, like the military bike, as that with James Logan with the lightning gun would also be a great mix of effects. Shotgun would probably be better replaced by Shotgun Blast, but that’s doing duty in another deck at the moment, arkhaminmate’s With All Due Force.



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