Wildmark Hook

A fan of trading card game cards.

By Szente Akos (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Dreams do not generally make the leap to my waking thoughts in the morning, so I sit up and take notice when they do. This time, of all things, the oneiromeme to make it past dawn was “When drafting a wildmark hook card, you may draft an additional wildmark hook card.”

Apparently I’m writing a card game in my sleep.

My first conscious reaction was that’s ridiculous. In the kind of drafting scenario you see in Magic and Netrunner, where you take a card and pass the stack on, pulling an extra card, even some of the time, shorts a card from someone else in the draft round. Unless, of course, the extra wildmark hook comes from a supply external from the draft. So then these wildmark cards are a fairly common resource, such as lands in Magic, or we’ve gotten into deck-building games like Dominion and Ascension.[1]

In fact, “wildmark hook” sounds an awful lot like the kind of mythically poetic, semantically “huh?” card names you find in Ascension, where players build their decks by purchasing cards from a shared pool of revealed possibilities. And even in that game, getting two cards immediately for the price of one is strong by itself. In that case, a wildmark hook would probably have an interesting effect — perhaps one that keys off how many other wildmark hooks you’ve already played that turn — and a low victory point value. Maybe even a high cost, to make getting even one wildmark hook, and thus two, a notable purchase.

Stay tuned for whatever weird rule escapes my subconscious next time.

[1] And suddenly, it all makes sense. All those wind-down games of Ascension on the iPod just before bed have penetrated the deepest layers of my psyche.

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