[Skull & Shackles] The Story So Far

Skull & Shackles: The Wormwood Mutiny Cover
Raiders of the Fever Sea cover

It’s been a long, long time since the doings of the wayward conscripts aboard the Wormwood.[1] Since the capture of the Ulfen vessel Man’s Promise:

  • They were assigned as part of the skeleton crew to bring Man’s Promise into port.
  • In very short order, they led a mutiny against the contemptible Scourge and Plugg, prompted by Viola being set up for the murder of crewmates. Plugg died in the fracas, but Scourge weaseled his way to an arrangement of being dropped at the next port.
  • A storm ran the ship aground on an deserted island teeming with ghouls, grindylows, and flies carrying ghoul fever. The latter claimed far too many lives of good crew as they struggled to repair the ship.
  • Once off the island, Man’s Promise made for Rickety’s Squibs, painfully aware that Captain Harrigan would be on the lookout for his tardy prize. The bulk of their loot paid for disguising the ship, as well as improving its handling.
  • While enjoying a game of ten pins, a hunger-maddened naga assaulted the group, maiming most and dragging Felix the inquisitor off to sate its hunger.
  • They traveled up-river to the kingdom of the nagas, seeking redress for the violation of the arrangement between the nagas and Rickety. The queen turned out to be quite the looker and most hospitable, putting the travelers up in a temple full of talking monkeys and giving them a lead on ruins of note.[2] Investigation yielded scars, bruises and a circlet of persuasion.
  • Felix Cailean, briefly lunch for a naga, was reincarnated by a local druid. This had the unforeseen side-effect of turning him into a half-orc.
  • Taking to sea in a squibbed ship now christened the Irredeemable, boasting the figurehead salvaged from a Cheliaxian galleon, the crew took its first prize, a longship belonging to the Aspis Consortium.
  • Arriving in Blood Cove, the officers of Irredeemable were greeted nearly as soon as they set feet on the ground by an agent who ushered them to a meeting with Aspis agents, eager to reacquire their ship and its cargo.
  • Negotiations for the exchange of crew and cargo for currency led to an arrangement of Irredeemable taking occasional assignments from the consortium, the first of which was to escort the Kirstov and its cargo of weapons to fuel a revolt in the Mwangi expanse.[3] In return for this errand, the consortium paid for the services of a cleric to remove the lingering malaise Felix Cailean suffered since his reincarnation.
  • Cornelius of the Aspis Consortium joined the Irredeemable‘s complement, bringing arcane and divine magics to the mix.[4]
  • One consortium agent took a shine to Lady Viola, offering her a peerage in the Cheliaxian empire in exchange for vassalage. Lady Blood was right on board with that.
  • There was a flurry of debauchery and commerce, as Blood Cove was the first settlement with a sufficient wherewithal of trade for the sailors and adventurers to put their long-idle coin to use.
  • Orson and Cornelius were kept busy crafting wands and brewing portions. Captain Jetsam procured a mithril chain shirt for himself. Lady Viola acquired bling. Morley hit every tavern in town, drumming up infamy and recruits, bringing Irredeemable‘s complement up to 40 odd souls, plus camp followers secured by Sandra Quinn, who maintained she could no longer sustain the whole crew’s morale by herself.

And thus Irredeemable set out from Blood Cove, escorting the Kirstov with its cargo of arms for revolution because war is profitable.

[1] There is no way I could recapture everything that happened since my enthusiasm for writing up these sessions ran dry over the summer. Think of this as a sort of clean break. I plan to carry on recapping from here, but better controlling the amount of time it takes up. The Story So Far takes us through the end of The Wormwood Mutiny and well towards what must be the end of Raiders of the Fever Sea — as the characters close on 6th level, that seems fairly probable.

[2] Morley’s pulse quickened and his fingers twitched.

[3] Where the consortium wishes to help itself to a number of Osirian tombs. Oh, how Morley struggled to maintain a disinterested expression.

[4] And thus we welcomed Paul into the group in this most recent.

5 thoughts on “[Skull & Shackles] The Story So Far

    • I wasn’t, but I don’t think I had a firm expectation of what would happen to he and Scourge after the mutiny. When I came back to the game after missing the session where Scourge successfully bargained for his life and Plugg died — I’m not sure, but there have been implications he was murdered in the dark — I was certainly surprised that one survived at all.

      And I’m further surprised that with two ports under the characters’ belts, Scourge still hasn’t been kicked off the ship.

      • At Scourge’s trial, Captain Jetsam ruled that he was just following orders and therefor would be spared a keelhauling and eventually dropped off at Port Peril. Not sure what the captain’s Wisdom score is.
        In fact, it was Viola who performed a coup de grace on Plugg while the rest of the mutineers were occupied with repelling a boarding party of Squiblins.

      • A few people I have talked with about it have seen Plugg and Scourge meet their end at some point. I never had the chance to play Skull & Shackles but it still sounds fun.

  1. In fact, it was Viola who commited a coup de grace on Plugg while he was bound and unconscious while the rest of the mutineers where fighting a storm and squiblins simulteneously.
    Captain Jetsam ruled that Scourge was just following orders and would be unharmed and dropped off at Port Peril.

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