Held Action Turns 3!

Yes, it’s been three years since my first post here at Held Action. I’m still merrily chugging along. I’m role-playing way more than I ever have, thanks to Carrion Crown and Skull & Shackles. I’m planning two adventures for Carnage in November, using Ghostbusters and GURPS Cabal.

Was this where I expected to be in three years? Well . . . no, but only by virtue of not coming into this with many expectations. I began knowing I wanted an outlet to share my thoughts and experiences on gaming that wasn’t a long string of forum threads with zero replies. I didn’t decide to become a destination dot com gaming blog, which is good, because it turns out I don’t have the puff for that kind of content stream. I had an early spurt in the beginning where I had something I felt was worth writing about almost every day of the week, save weekends. I suspected that vigor could taper off, and it did.

Now Held Action‘s more of an occasional thing. I keep up mostly with session recaps, updates on my own GMing endeavors — mostly limited to Carnage games sinceĀ Scions of Time guttered — local events of note and interesting tidbits that float past my field of vision. And that’s okay. This blog serves a more helpful purpose as a repository of my thoughts and the things I find interesting than yet another instance of armchair hobby journalism. No one needs me to paraphrase their press releases.[1] I need me to write a bit now and again about what’s going on in my pursuit of the tabletop hobby.

[1] Unless it’s for something I think is cool.

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