India Underground

India Underground cover

The cover of India Underground.

The Chitra Bhanu — dark psions, chibs — were those rare psions gifted with the most remarkable of abilities, the ability to control the very fabric of the universe. The quantum forces of gravity, electromagnetism and weak and strong nuclear forces were their playground. They seemed to be the most powerful, shining beacon for the defense of humanity against the Aberrants, and they made their home in a land that shared their glorious brightness–the Bharati Commonwealth. Until they themselves fell to the Aberrants’ dark pursuit…or did they?

That’s the pitch for India Underground, a fan-written supplement for the science fiction role-playing game Trinity. In the twenty-second century, humanity has overcome catastrophes to begin taking its first steps among the stars, as well as rebuilding at home and in orbit. A series of supplements for the game detailed the psi orders, organizations that imbue people with psychic abilities of various aptitudes, and the regions of the world in which they are based.

One pairing, India and the Chitra Bhanu order of quantakinetics, seemed like it would be left out. I don’t know if a Chitra Bhanu book was ever on the horizon for Trinity‘s developers, but fans Slagg and Geoff Bain were inspired to write their own. As is the way of the internet, the PDF has become rather scarce on the ground. RPGnet poster Skywalker pointed this out. And I figured, “Why not host it here?” So here it is, with the following disclaimers: Trinity and associated elements are the property of White Wolf/CCP. India Underground is a fan-written supplement which I did not write. My motivation is to make it easily available again, as up to now the file mostly lurked on dodgy file-hosting services. Since it was released for free in the first place, I hope it is cool with the authors to keep it available to the inquiring public.


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