The Pathfinder System Reference Document

With all the Pathfinder action I’ve been up to lately, I would be remiss in acknowledging what’s made it all possible. Sure, I’ve owned the core Pathfinder rulebook for a couple years now and that’s helpful at the table for referencing basic rules — did you know a rolling a 1 on a saving throw is an automatic failure? I didn’t — but between core, base and alternate classes and scads of archetype variants for each of those, the options for a game are dizzying and not easy to track.

Fortunately, Pathfinder being an open game and all, there is not one, but two online resources comprising all that open content: the reference document maintained by Paizo itself and Pathfinder SRD, an independent web site. These two sites have been tremendous help in building Alexandros Callimachi and Morley Bishop. I don’t really know what I’d be playing without having the opportunity to idly browse pages in my own time, rather than scanning someone else’s book at a character generation session.

At this point, with all the use I’ve gotten out of their open content, I really ought to flip Paizo some more business. The Advanced Player’s Guide? What supplement would you recommend for a Pathfinder player?

8 thoughts on “The Pathfinder System Reference Document

      • A lot of what I know about 3/3.5 was learned at the table, so I knew what my teachers knew — even if we all owned the rule book, it wasn’t necessarily the go-to resource. I remember one forty-five minute argument about what restoration could and could not achieve. Not once did either arguer actually open their book to check. And no character was anywhere near being able to cast the spell, either!

        Rise of the Runelords is more of a GM’s book series. Is there anything of particular use to a dedicated player?

  1. Besides the Core Rulebook, the Advanced Player’s Guide is the next “Must-have” book. Ultimate Magic and Ultimate Combat are good at demonstrating their respective topics if a character wants to walk that path. I also enjoy the Complete Advanced Feats book and Adventurer’s Handbook. Both good reads and filled with wonderful feats.

  2. The APG is certainly useful. It depends on what you’re considering playing or referencing most. For my current character, Ultimate Magic was a better choice.


  3. May I suggest the Inner Sea World Guide? Oodles of fluff for roleplaying the Adventure Paths that take place in Golarion.

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