Skull & Shackles, Me Hearties

Demonstrating the adage that you wait ages for a bus, then three come along at once,[1] I get to climb on board a shiny new Skull & Shackle Pathfinder campaign tomorrow evening.

I’m feeling a little more hip to character creation this time. Partly because of the on-going learning experience with Alexandros the inquisitor in Carrion Crown,[2] but also because, well, it’s another game. The mystique and onerousness of character creation is fading.

I actually have two compelling character ideas, the second thanks to Neil, who gave a little character consultation the other night. H suggested a sea-oriented warden who skulks along the coastline and into hidden coves to deliver smuggling cargo. And I would totally play that — and have it in my hip pocket as a back-up — but he also rendered the opinion that the archaeologist as a knavish dealer in lost antiquities and contraband could totally work, so I gotta go with that, because that was kind of my idea to begin with.

See, it comes from misreading the campaign primer. I somehow conflated the trait of coming to the Shackles to explore lost civilizations with the section where it recommends particular character classes and archetypes as well-suited to the campaign. And that got the idea of the archaeologist archetype in my head.

From there, it spun out into this fellow being the disreputable sort of tomb robber.[3] He grabs the shiny stuff, books it and delivers said goods to someone with a sufficiently large purse. And since he’s kicking around the Shackles, he has to supplement with transporting more menial contraband and black market goods.

So he’s going to be a high social character, what with his abilities running off Charisma and all the Intelligence-related Knowledge skills. That’s going to be a first for me. I have to be vigilant about jumping to the fore with Sense Motive and Bluff-related conversation. Plus he looks to be the only arcane spellcaster, which is a nice niche to have covered.

Tomorrow is character creation and maybe introductory play. I hope to get most of my heavy lifting done tonight. All things considered, this is turning out to be a pretty awesome period of role-playing in my life.

And yes, I will blog the sessions as I have done for Carrion Crown. Given that we’re playing Fridays, they won’t be part of Actual Play Fridays. It may be necessary to annex Mondays to the cause.

[1] But only in the places where it’s possible more than one bus may traverse a particular road. Not a common sight where I live, at least.

[2] As in, “Crap, I didn’t take that?!” and “I’m not eligible for any good choices this level. I get something, but it’s not very good. Why didn’t I plan better?”

[3]Like this one.

4 thoughts on “Skull & Shackles, Me Hearties

    • Hm, no. I shy away from LPJ works after trying a couple weak Mutants & Masterminds supplements.

      How about some naval action on the etheric currents of the inner solar system? Captain Honora Hornblower blockades Mars to prevent the escape of Space Napoleon!

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