Spring Meltdown is This Saturday

Spring Meltdown 2012 game day banner Spring Meltdown is mere days away. It feels like it’s been forever since our last tabletop game-stravaganza in Barre, but really it’s only been four and a bit months.

What can you expect at a Spring Meltdown? Let’s go down the list:

  1. Friendly people. We game-playing Vermonters are quite lucky to have such a great community of fellow hobbyists. We’re friendly and we’ve all got a great pastime in common to share and talk about.
  2. A heap of games. I guarantee you that right now as you read this post, someone is thinking to themselves, “Which games should I bring to the next Green Mountain Gamers day?” There’s always an embarrassing richness of choice when it comes to games at these things. If you pick something up from the table, someone’s going to be able to tell you about it, and maybe even play it with you.
  3. Twelve hours of gaming. Yes, Spring Meltdown goes from 10:00am to 10:00pm. Some people are there for the whole day for maximum fun. Others come for the part of the day that works for them.

Spring Meltdown 2012 happens April 21st at the grange hall on York Street in Lyndonville, Vermont. From 10:00am to 10:00pm, it’s open tabletop gaming. Dark Tower Gaming will run a pair of Magic: the Gathering tournaments. They and Triple Play will be vending, should someone have a gaming-related shopping need.


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