[Carrion Crown] The Funeral

Carrion Crown: The Haunting of Harrowstone coverLast night we kicked off the Carrion Crown adventure path. Grift the chimney sweep-like waif, sonorous Darius Carfax St. James, Sir Horace Gunderson, travel worn Alexandros Callimachi and Solis, accompanied by his serpentine companion . . . thing,[1] gathered at the home of Professor Petros Lorrimor in Ravengro to pay last respects to the deceased and condolences to his daughter, Kendra.

The procession from Pharasma’s temple to the grave was interrupted by a mob of unruly peasants who didn’t take kindly to the notion of a “necromancer” being interred in their cemetery. The mourning party made short work of the lot.

After the funeral came the reading of the will, back at the Lorrimor house. Councilman Hearthmount, Ravengro’s closest thing to a solicitor read the professor’s will. Everything but a few items go to his daughter Kendra. The other five mourners each receive a unique token of the professor’s esteem, and two tasks: help Kendra get her household up and running, then transport a small set of dangerous tomes to the university at Lepidstadt[2], presumably to keep them out of the wrong hands.[3] Examining the casket of tomes revealed four volumes of diverse provenance, but all seeming to deal with dark, arcane matters. There was also a leaf from Lorrimor’s journal, seemingly the final entry, in which he mentioned traveling to a place called Harrowstone, a secret cabal known as the Whispering Way, a fire and a list of those who died in it at the temple of Pharasma.[4]

The characters’ appetites whetted with a little conflict and the prospect of mysteries to unravel, the session drew to a close.

[0] The resurrection of Actual Play Friday! May it carry on for some time to come.

[1] An oracle, a bard, a cad, an inquisitor and a summoner with an eidolon walk into a funeral . . .

[2] I think. Everyone kept saying “Lichenstadt,” but that doesn’t seem to be a place in Ustalav.

[3] Because there’s always a set of wrong hands.

[4] In short: plot hooks.

3 thoughts on “[Carrion Crown] The Funeral

  1. I’m running this campaign too, but one of my players was out for health issues so I’m currently running a “pre-Carrion Crown” in which the adventurers at some point will receive their letters about poor Professor Lorrimor.

    I did some houserules though about Ustalav and came up with a 7 page character creation guide for the players. Since Ustalavians are very insular, outsiders and foreigners got penalties to their Diplomacy checks until they’ve managed to prove themselves to the locals. I expanded the Trust Score table for both the locals and the Pharasmin Penitent, particularly the Inquisitors from the County of Barstoi.

    I made death permanent, but gave the players a fate point as a “get out of death card” only 1 time in the campaign. I also made the game a bit more gritty with a point buy of 12 points instead of 20, and only gave them 80% starting gold, but they got 3x their hp at first level. Magic will be plentiful and available as per the campaign, but the players have to be careful where they go to buy and sell it. If they go to a local village, there’s no way they will truck in magic items and it’s a good way of being accused of witchcraft, heresy, and so on.

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