[Carrion Crown] Character Creation Comes the Inquisitor

After a suitable period of mourning for the prolapsed Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign, the group is embarking on a Pathfinder adventure path called Carrion Crown. Set in the region of Ustalav, I gather it’s fraught with undead and squicky things, as it calls on the tropes of gothic horror.

Wanting to make a monster hunting type, I opted to make an inquisitor, a “base” class from the Advanced Player’s Guide. I didn’t find as quite a robust guide to the class as I did when creating Kaye the joke-telling bard for Pathfinder Society, so I felt the familiar sense of being adrift in a sea of mechanics with no optimization paddle. No matter. There aren’t many choices to make at first level. He’s a ranged fighter, given his good Dexterity and a heavy crossbow. That’s enough for now.

Given the context of Ustalav and the campaign primer, he turned out to be the scion of a once-proud noble family from the region which has since fallen under the alluring sway of democracy, a group of city-states calling themselves the Palatinates. So I’m thinking he’s pretty resentful of the rabble that rose up, deposed his family and made him get a job of all things.

That’s not really a sustainable attitude, but I’m thinking it’ll soften over time.

I think we start playing next Wednesday. More as it comes.

2 thoughts on “[Carrion Crown] Character Creation Comes the Inquisitor

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