Game Design Discussion on the TotalCon Podcast

Episode 12 of the TotalCon podcast is a panel of game designers taking questions from the moderator and audience. It’s a mix of folks I have met in real life, on the web and only know by repute.

This was the first time I dipped into the TotalCon audio corpus and I’m glad I did. The panelists are all very down to earth and matter of fact about how they do what they do and why. They get into the behind the scenes shop-talk of freelancing and self-publishing, which is always my topic of interest in these matters. It only takes a couple clicks and some art to be a publisher these days, as one panelist notes, but it takes a lot more investment and work to be good.

Thanks to Ben at Troll in the Corner for the link.


One of my goals the last couple years has been to produce a podcast. Since my first days of listening to All Games Considered and Never Not Funny, the medium has appealed. Not only does it vaguely overlap skills and knowledge utilized in my professional life, but it has a strong DIY ethic, which I appreciate. My biggest hurdle was finding a cause or entity to which I could hitch my good intentions.

After a couple false starts, I’m finally on my way. Carnagecast acts as a component of  Carnage Gaming’s presence on the web and in social media in particular. Episodes will visit with members of the Carnage community to talk about their gaming endeavors, thoughts about the games they love — or not — conventions they go to and more.

Heigh Ho, It’s Off to Carnage I Go

Oh my giddy aunt, where did the fall go?

Carnage is this Friday. My scarce spare time in the last couple months has gone to ironing out scheduling issues, helping with logistics and, of course, working on Eye of the Qlippothim and The Girl in the Looking Glass.

It’s gonna be a good time!