Vermont Flood Relief Game Auction

Despite the downgrade to tropical storm, Irene hit Vermont hard. Whole roads and bridges disappeared in the flooding. Three days later, there are still towns not only without power, but even reliable access to the outside world — reportedly supplies are being flown in via helicopter, so I don’t think anyone’s starving. Check out this report from Rochester, Vermont on the situation there; it’s typical of the conditions with which flood victims deal all over the southern end of the state.

Matt Golec of the Upper Valley hit on the idea of holding a game auction to supplement the usual fundraising efforts. This way we can engage people who want to support the recovery effort in Vermont from outside the surrounding area.

Matt has a geeklist set up on Boardgamegeek. He’s asking only people invited to list items do so. Bidders can be from anywhere in the world. Members listing items will collect the fees and donate them to the Vermont/New Hampshire Valley Red Cross agency to aid immediate short term relief efforts. I plan to go through my game library for auction candidates when I get home tonight.

If you’d like to read more about flood recovery efforts in Vermont, I recommend the following sources:

Further, if you have a moment, please help spread the word about initiatives to aid flood recovery like Matt Golec’s. Every little bit helps and that it’s a locally-born endeavor makes it even more powerful.


4 thoughts on “Vermont Flood Relief Game Auction

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