And I Queried: How to Spend Some Amazon Points

I have one of those Amazon credit cards that racks up points one can spend in lieu of cash on stuff there. The balance is rapidly approaching a sum amenable to a number of game-related products I’d like to buy.

Express your opinion, o readers of Held Action. What do you think I should get? I make no promises, but I am open to suggestions of things I hadn’t considered.

2 thoughts on “And I Queried: How to Spend Some Amazon Points

  1. I voted “It depends”
    First since there is only one RPG on the list, you should get that if you want an RPG. I think the Doctor Who system seems ok. I have skimmed through about half of it. Lots of good thoughts on genre emulation.
    I have played Talisman for years off and on. It is a great way to spend an afternoon with friends. Although it certainly shares some roots with an old-school D&D-style dungeon crawl, it ends up being an experience almost but not entirely unlike that since it is competitive without any nod to cooperative play. Also, it tends to produce even more arguments over rules.
    I know nothing about Arkham Horror, but I endorse all things Lovecraft when given the opportunity.

    • There are two things holding me back from the Doctor Who RPG:

      1. I want the seemingly never to be published version with Matt Smith on the cover instead of David Tennant.
      2. I do not technically need such a product, given I am merrily chugging away on a Doctor Who campaign using a Unisystem variation powered by Conspiracy X and Angel.

      That and it’s easier to get people together to play a board game than an RPG. I’ve played both Arkham Horror and Talisman. While I like Arkham better, the latter would have the benefit of being easy to transport, unlike Arkham, which is now a sprawling mess, given all the expansions involved.

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