Bookhounds of London Ephemera Game

There’s a pretty awesome thread happening over at as owners of the limited edition of Bookhounds of London[1] “correlate the contents” of the bits and bobs that shipped with their books.

I didn’t realize the mysterious death of Augustus Darcy would turn out to be a collaborative alternate reality game. I think that might have motivated me to pick up the limited edition, if I realized it would involve owners comparing unique bits of evidence. Coinage, books, receipts and more; those satchels are full!

There is an as yet unsolved cipher, lots of mutilated street maps with keys of Dee’s Aethyr scrawled on them, metal badges resembling the original elder sign Lovecraft devised and one very interesting bit that could be the kabbalistic Tree of Life as a network of Underground stations.

Needless to say, I am following the forum thread with great interest.

[1] Why yes, I do mean to write about Bookhounds of London. At some point.

2 thoughts on “Bookhounds of London Ephemera Game

  1. Holy crap the Bookhounds of London is freaking awesome! I have not tried Cthulhu but know a little about the books. I watched the unbagging at the thread. I may have to get this. The reference material alone is gold.

    • The limited editions with the satchels and ephemera are sadly all sold, as I understand it. The regular edition, which I acquired, is still a fine straight-up role-playing supplement. Do pick it up.

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