Albany Gameday XIV in September

Albany Gameday XIV is on deck for Saturday, September 3rd. Hosted by friendly local game store Zombie Planet in Albany, New York, it’s a day long event that occurs biannually or so.

Watch the website to see what games hit the schedule, or shoot them an email to run something yourself.

3 thoughts on “Albany Gameday XIV in September

  1. I know it might be a bit of a trek for you, but no further than Zombie Planet– the Schenectady Wargamer’s Association has a monthly Game-a-thon. They’re at the Studio of Bridge and Games and the full schedule’s here:

    They tend to have a combination of board games and RPGs and run 2-3 slots a day. This month has Pathfinder, Silent Death, BRP, …well, here:

    I love me the Zombie Planet, but the Studio tends to be less cramped for play.

    • I haven’t had the opportunity to visit either Zombie Planet or the Gameathons. Glad to hear the Gameathons are going strong.

      The Carnage guys usually head over for Council of 5 Nations. I might be able to join in this year.

      • Council is a good time. I usually run at least one game there– something of a D&D / Pathfinder flavor — and there’s a great assortment of different RPGs, too.


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