Cheapass Games’ TimeLine Up for Ransom

Speaking of print on demand, I’ve mentioned previously Cheapass Games’ move towards ransoming Creative Commons licensed, print and play revisions of their library. Since then, they’ve rereleased a half dozen or so titles. This weekend, James Ernest put TimeLine up for ransom at $136 in donations. Earlier this morning, he posted that the ransom was halfway done; I hope that has to do with conducting the ransom on a holiday weekend, rather than disinterest in the game itself.

Conveniently, demand printer ArtsCow is holding a sale until July 7th: $2.99 for a 54 deck of cards, which neatly encompasses the materials for TimeLine. In addition to donating for the release of the game, I ordered a deck this morning. At $3 for a deck of cards, it’s like a return to the Cheapass days of yore, only these cards are full color and on — probably, from what I saw of a friend’s print and play copy of The Thing — better stock.

1 thought on “Cheapass Games’ TimeLine Up for Ransom

  1. Less than twenty-four hours after publishing the above, the TimeLine ransom is complete! You can download the game rules and cards at the Cheapass site. It also includes a link to the ArtsCow shop if you want a fancier version than your home printer can manage. That $2.99 promotion is good for a couple more days at this point.

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