Small World Underground Preview in Burlington

Days of Wonder posted a list of game stores participating in a nationwide preview of Small World Underground. Among them, nearest to me in terms of geography is none other than good old Quarterstaff Games in Burlington. And I get to help by running the preview — which probably consists mostly of learning the rule differences between Underground and its sunnier sibling.

When the game was first announced, I noticed with interest that it “can be combined” with the original set, but that’s not necessarily the same as mixing all the pieces together for a mega mash-up game. Surely someone will concoct an “Invasion from Below” mechanic to allow the two boards to interact, if it doesn’t already exist.

It’s not often you see board games getting this kind of preview buzz. Magic: The Gathering does it all the time. Even some miniatures games, I think. But previewing board games seems to be limited mostly to big shows like Gen Con and Essen. Consequently, I’m psyched that not only is Days of Wonder doing a wide preview like this, but it’s happening right here in Burlington. And I get to help. Nifty.

5 thoughts on “Small World Underground Preview in Burlington

  1. Invasion from Below would be interesting. The cave spaces from the first game would be much more valuable to control I’d imagine.

    I’m pretty excited for this game.

    • That was my thought as well: the cavern spaces could form the links between the two play areas. I wonder if this could be a way to include more players by using two of the biggest boards?

        • Your idea got me digging around on Boardgamegeek. Someone pointed out that with seven players, you’d very quickly run out of races and abilities.

          Depending on how many races and powers from Underground can work on the overworld board, that might be the solution to a shortage of pieces.

          I’ll certainly give it a try sometime, if I can find six willing players.

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