Free RPG Day 2011

Free RPG Day is not coming to Vermont this year, same as 2010. The nearest participating stores are in Albany, New York, Montreal, Quebec and Manchester, New Hampshire. In short, they’re way out of the way for some freebies.

It’s not a big deal, as many of those offerings show up for download sooner or later. And, to be honest, the only one I’ve ever used in any capacity was the Changeling: the Lost quickstart when it first came out, so it’s not as though they’re of startling utility to me.

If you’ve got a game store in your area participating in Free RPG Day, show them some love. Or they’ll decide role-playing games aren’t a viable source of revenue, as so many other stores, including Burlington’s own, have done.


6 thoughts on “Free RPG Day 2011

  1. Yeah, Houston has no participating stores either. Fourth largest city in the US, but we barely have a game store worthy of the name anymore.

    • The stores buy kits from the promotion company — each with so many copies of each freebie — so it’s understandable that those businesses who don’t see a bump in their RPG sales would decline to participate.

      I myself didn’t realize stores paid for the kits until Jeff at Quarterstaff looked into it last year.

  2. Correct. Stores have to pay a fee for the kit. Unfortunately, our company organizes the event, but we still have to pay for custom boxes, promotions, extra labor for collating and packing, plus shipping. In the end, it is up to the store to decide if the $80 (2011 cost) is worth it for them.
    Aldo Ghiozzi

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