Summer Game ‘n Grill 2011 Mere Days Away

The 2011 Game 'n Grill, going down at the Upper Valley Grange in Norwich, Vermont.

This Saturday is the second annual Summer Game ‘n Grill hosted by the Green Mountain Gamers — and it’s their first second annual anything. Yes, Green Mountain Gamers is more than a whole year old now. The quarterly game days have proven to be successful on every outing so far.

This time, the gang is headed to Norwich, Vermont, in the Upper Valley, through which runs the Connecticut River. That’s Carnage‘s traditional stomping grounds, so it’ll be a bit odd to see the valley in the glory of summer, rather than the dying days of autumn.

On the other hand, it’s going to be a rocking game day. Board games have been the big thing every time and that’s not likely to change. Role-playing games are slowly growing and that’s where my main interest lies. Friend to all role-players Charlton is bringing Apocalypse World, which I know nothing about, beyond that there’s a world and an apocalypse in it. And I’ve still got InSpectres from PAX East to try out, so I think that is the role-playing set’s day sorted.

June 18th’s gonna be a great day for tabletop games.


2 thoughts on “Summer Game ‘n Grill 2011 Mere Days Away

    • The stormy weather’s been awesome from my perspective. I love watching lightning storms.

      I just hope it’s nice weather for the game day. I claimed the hall’s second story porch for role-playing, so at the very least we need the wind to not blow rain on it. Fingers crossed!

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