“Beast Man” of Vermont Glimpsed!

What is this critter? And what's that hump-like thing?

Squatchdetective.com has an investigation going on a trail camera in Vermont that picked up some sort of furry/hairy-ish thing. It could be a Green Mountain bigfoot or maybe one of the “wild men” prowling an abandoned side path of the Long Trail.

Whatever it is, it’s hungry. The investigation page reports the nearby apple tree was cleared of fruit in the days before the camera was installed in order to find out just what was so assiduously helping itself.

If the beast men of the silent hills were driven down to the lowlands to feed, they must be hard up to settle for apples. There must be any number of pets and livestock open to predation, if the beast men lack the gumption to go after humans in their own territory. Or maybe it suggests the life cycle of the creatures: the young, such as what that hump in the picture might be, feed on plant matter. The hunger for raw meat comes with adolescence, peaking and carrying on through adulthood to dotage.

[Via Cryptomundo.]

2 thoughts on ““Beast Man” of Vermont Glimpsed!

    • The number of “monsters” caught on trail cameras that turn out to be mangy or deformed deer is really disheartening. I’m having a hard time picturing this one as such, though.

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