Hail, Miskatonic

My Miskatonic University pennant, installed for the consternation of passers-by.

Propnomicon, maker of fine Cthulhiana for some time now, recently wrapped up another prop package, this time featuring ephemera from stately Miskatonic University. In addition to an embroidered patch and cloisonné pin of the school seal, field notebooks and postcards of campus landmarks, the highlight of the package was no doubt the red and white Miskatonic pennant, which you can see displayed to the left.

A Miskatonic pennant was something I’d sought for quite a while. Just as I resigned myself to having design and fabricate my own — based on an old Vermont pennant dating from the same era — the announcement went up that the next prop package would include one.  I jumped on board immediately. There were production delays and shipping gaffes that required the application of a steam iron, but at long last, I am the happy owner of my own emblem of Miskatonic pride, which I now have in my office window at work, so everyone can have no clue from what school I graduated.

Now the pennants are out there, true alumni of M.U. can get the full effect by waving their pennants while singing the alma mater, Hail, Miskatonic, also courtesy of Propnomicon.

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