Universal Head’s Arkham Horror Rules Summaries

A comment last week on the Arkham Horror expansion guide — already in need of updating, a need which will only grow in the coming months — reminded me of the time I first learned to play this byzantine game. My cousin very patiently sat on the living room floor with me, going through the motions of playing as I flipped back and forth through the rule book and a cheat sheet.

Universal Head’s cheat sheet for Arkham Horror reorganizes and condenses information in the official rule book in such a way that you can follow the turn order from start to finish without skipping from one section to a previous one to figure out what happens during the mythos phase.

Plus, it comes in multiple flavors: there’s the base game-only version, which is just what it sounds like. Then there’s the longer version that incorporates the many expansions and their new rule components.

I always keep a couple copies of the longer cheet sheat in my game boxes for when the opportunity to play Arkham Horror arises. If you’re new to the game, or find that not everyone you play with is catching on to the admittedly contorted turn structure, this may be just the remedy.

2 thoughts on “Universal Head’s Arkham Horror Rules Summaries

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