Let the Spring Meltdown Commence

March 19th in Middlebury, Vermont.

My corner of Vermont has been in thaw for the last week, which is a fine prelude to Spring Meltdown, the fourth of the Green Mountain Gamers’ seasonal game days.

Tomorrow morning, I and some of the Burlington crowd will truck down to Middlebury, where we hope to meet the fine game-playing denizens of Addison, southern Chittenden and northern Rutland counties.

In addition to officiating the Endeavor tournament, I will have a number of role-playing-like things in my bag: the Ghostbusters adventure Pumpkin Jack, Fiasco with my as yet playtested science fiction set and Inspectres, which I picked up at PAX East last weekend. So at least I’ll have some reading material if I find myself with downtime.

If you’re in the area, or even just slightly out of it and have an itch to do some traveling, I hope you’ll come out for a bit.

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