Gone to PAX East

I’ve gone to PAX East for the weekend. Things I hope to achieve:

  • Admire the Sultan from Geek Chic.
  • Check out Microsoft’s Surface . . . thingy.
  • See if Fantasy Flight Games has any interesting previews in their booth.
  • Glimpse how Action Castle actually works.
  • Catch the Dungeons & Dragons Edition Wars panel.
  • Hustle for Carnage.
  • Say hi to some of the people with whom I’ve only interacted on the internet so far.
  • Find some Boston microbrews to try.

Depending on wifi availability, you may hear from me via Twitter during the weekend. Follow @heldaction for on the spot updates, not dissimilar from “Wow, the Sultan is beautiful!” and “This place is big and noisy.”

1 thought on “Gone to PAX East

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