Carnage at the Castle

Saturday morning, I and some others from the Carnage crew and Upper Valley gaming community headed down to the Game Castle, Londonderry, New Hampshire’s local game store for Carnage at the Castle, to get the word out about Carnage to the New Hampshire population and get some board games played in the store.

In addition to plunging in to playing about a half dozen different board games, most of which I had never tried before, I got to meet a couple New Hampshire gaming personalities: Randy, who’s been involved with Econocon for a very long time, if not its inception, and Wayne, who heads up the Sages of RPG, a Seacoast-based gaming group. We got into a loop of passing cards around, Randy and Wayne for their projects and me for Green Mountain Gamers.

All in all, it was a fun time. I went into it feeling leery, because I’ve become picky of late about dealing with new board games, but overall I liked what I played. Ave Caesar with the “mean” variant was a hoot, though I can see it would require players with the right temperament. Burlington, Vermont to Londonderry, New Hampshire and back with ten hours of gaming in between is a hell of a haul, though. I can understand why no one ever wants to come up here for events.

3 thoughts on “Carnage at the Castle

  1. After my old group disintegrated, I joined a new group of guys and gals – and it’s been great. These doods and doodettes play more my style, and I’m having a heck of a lot more fun with them.

    However, one of the things that’s different with this new group is that they love board games. When I think of board games, I think of Monopoly, Stratego, and Clue. I didn’t know there was this HUGE, VAST market for board games out there. It took me by surprise, and I’m still trying to get into it.

    • The number of hobby — or designer, as some call them — board games on the market today is dizzying, particularly when you consider what a relatively small portion of the population plays them.

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