Read RPGs in Public Week, February 27th through March 5th

Read an RPG Book in Public WeekToday kicks off another week observing The Escapist‘s Read an RPG Book in Public Week. As W. J. Walton explains:

The point is to make the roleplaying hobby more visible, to get it “out of the basement” and into public areas where more people can see it. This will make others more aware of the hobby – some may ask you what your book is about, giving you the opportunity to explain the hobby to them. A few of those may be interested enough to try it themselves. Former gamers may see what you’re reading and think about the great times they used to have with roleplaying, and possibly even try it again.

I’m uptight about revealing my hobby to the world at large, but not as much as I was last year, when I barely let The Unexplained peek over the table at Muddy Waters. Since then, I’ve learned several people in my office role-play; one was even trying to track down an extra player the other week. I’m still not crazy about it, but I’m going to make a more solid effort to do so this year.

No idea what to read, though. I have so much unread stuff, I can’t get on board with rereading something just because it looks cool. And so much of what I have on the unread pile is GURPS stuff, I think I’m overloading on it. Maybe now’s the time to do a thorough revisiting of Conspiracy X 2.0, since that’s what I’m using these days.

I can’t see myself snapping a self-portrait while I’m out, but maybe I can finagle an “over the book” shot of the venue.


4 thoughts on “Read RPGs in Public Week, February 27th through March 5th

  1. You know, I realized that this project has become increasingly difficult for me. Not because I’m worried about showing my gamerness in public, but because everything I buy and read these days are PDF files on my laptop…

  2. I remember the days of seeing a game being played in the corner of Denny’s, or some other family restaurant. That wasn’t me, but I’ve seen it, and been inspired.

    • My favorite instance was the Printer’s Devil pub in London: the whole second floor was given over to role-playing groups on a biweekly basis.

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