Superheroes of Vermont

I don’t know where he got the idea, but Andrew (@GeekMtnState) started a Twitter game of Vermont-based superheroes this morning. So, for reasons of back-patting if nothing else, here are my contributions:

  • Catamount The Man-Cat, a former hunter possessed by the spirit of the last of the catamounts.
  • Monstrous Mudder, a mud elemental.
  • Skisassin, who specializes is skiing-based murder for hire.
  • Silent Cal-prit, the stealthiest burglar in the world.
  • Dairyman and his neighbor across the way the Incredible Wook foil Flatlander’s dastardly development deals — The Flatlander is @el_timbo‘s invention.
  • Meteora, superheroine by night, meteorologist at the Fairbanks Museum by day.

These and the rest can be found under the #comicbookvermont hashtag, for as long as that lasts on Twitter.


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