Looking Forward to GURPS Horror

In the designer’s notes of GURPS Horror, Third Edition, author Kenneth Hite concludes with ” . . . I think that I successfully updated what I’ve always thought of as ‘my first GURPS book’ for the new era of GURPS, and added some stuff that whoever writes GURPS Horror, Fourth Edition in ten years will keep around. Enjoy it until then, and pleasant screams.” Conveniently, Hite wrote the fourth edition of the book as well. Seems probable he retained one or two things for this latest printing.

The GURPS line developer Sean Punch keeps a blog over at Livejournal. I keep an eye on it for the “this week in GURPS” updates. Aside from sly hints about unannounced releases, he updates the status of higher profile projects. In the most recent post, for instance, GURPS Horror is now waiting on the art.

It seems like this book has been in the pipeline forever now, although it’s probably only been two years or so. The received wisdom is that rule and mechanics-heavy books sell better than the sort focused on setting and genre content, so while I can understand why certain projects get priority over others, like GURPS Low-Tech.

Of course, it’s always just my luck that the specific supplements I want to buy get lodged in the pipeline. The same thing happened with Eden Studios back when their output still measured in multiple books per year. They’d crank out the All Flesh Must Be Eaten supplements when all I wanted was The Book of Hod and The Book of Geburah — the former made it out; the latter languishes in the Hell of All But Done.

At any rate, GURPS Horror slogs ahead. I’m particularly looking forward to the PDF companion Worlds of Horror, which I guess contains the updated mini-settings from the third edition of the book. Of those, I think The Madness Dossier is the one I really, really want to read; you know, that thing I cribbed content from for Broken Spokes last summer. And I really, really hope there’s more content in this one, because the original version was so amazing — and amazingly brief on examples.

Are there any more fans of The Madness Dossier out there? Speak up! (And I really would like to get back to filling out that TenFootWiki I began as a campaign source document too.)

5 thoughts on “Looking Forward to GURPS Horror

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    • I haven’t seen any mentions of the artist, beyond that art is what they’re waiting. One hypothesizes it’ll be from the same pool they’ve drawn for the rest of the fourth edition hardcovers, so no crazy Christopher Shy pieces this time.

  2. Madness Dossier wasn’t in Worlds of Horror (which I just bought thinking it was).
    I just lost six bucks! Guess I shouldn’t purchase stuff based on speculation in blog posts… I glanced through the six worlds in Worlds of Horror but none are interesting to me.
    Hope that means bigger plans for the Madness Dossier? I thought it was hard to understand/run from what was in Horror 3 but I really want to get into it.

    • Somewhere along the line Sean Punch semi-confirmed in one of his GURPS updates on his own blog that Madness Dossier would become its own release.

      Every now and again, I see a mention on his blog on the level of “Kenneth Hite’s just signed a contract to write a thing for us.” No news yet of whether that thing is still Madness Dossier or when it may appear.

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