[RPG Blog Carnival] New Year, New Game

It’s fitting that the first RPG Blog Carnival topic of 2011 is about new games. That’s what I’ve been jonesing for, after all.

So what role-playing am I going to commit in 2011? A new game could be a freshly published book as much as it could a traditional campaign or even a one-shot. In true Yankee style, I’m going to take what I’ve already got and make it work for me.

Ghostbusters International Will Expand Its Operations

Running Ghostbusters convention games is slowly becoming my thing. I’ve only done so at Carnage so far, but that’s fine, because that will always be where a GBI adventure premieres. I’ve got two in my archive and an easily modified BPRD adventure to put to the cause. At some point, I’ll get on the New England / northeastern gaming circuit as a GM and I’ll have a stash of material ready to go.

For 2011, my plan is to maintain the course with Ghostbusters. I’ll write a new adventure to debut Carnage, maybe break out an older one at a game day if called for. And certainly it’ll become obvious that it’s time to open a franchise in Vermont, rather than trucking in from Massachusetts every other week.

The Time War Comes to Earth

Maybe not precisely, but I do want to run a Doctor Who game as an on-going campaign. I’ve got premises in mind, I’ve got candidates for systems and I’ve got some people in mind to play. By the time this post hits, I will have asked them and I hope more say yes than don’t. There are still questions to answer, like how often could we play, where and how can we avoid being straitjacketed by attendance requirements, but I’ve got hopes and some confidence in making this work.

And That’s It

Really. I’m being realistic about these New Year’s resolutions. There’s other stuff going on in my life, like helping put on Carnage and the Green Mountain Game Days, contributing to Geek Mountain State, plus my professional and other personal endeavors, that I think I can handle just this: running a frequent periodic campaign and a convention-grade adventure.

So that’s what I’ve got for the new year. Stick with me to see what happens.

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