[Green Mountain Game Days] Winter Weirdness 2011

Visit the Green Mountain Gamers site for more information about Winter Weirdness and future game days in Vermont.

Winter Weirdness, the next of the Green Mountain Gamers‘ seasonal game days, is now a month away. January 8th, 2011 will be the third such outing and our first visit to the Granite City, also known as Barre, Vermont. Like Fall-loha and the Game ‘n Grill before it, Winter Weirdness is an open play event for all kinds of tabletop games.

So far, board game play has dominated Green Mountain Game Days — and why not? They take little prep, are easily transported and generally don’t rely on existing social ties to function well. The most recent game day in Lyndonville did include miniatures and role-playing, though, so the genres of games to play are slowly expanding.

A quick peek at Fall-loha in Lyndonville, Vermont, the most recent Green Mountain Game Day.

It’s my hope that the variety of games played at these events will continue to diversify and my personal goal to keep growing the role-playing opportunities in particular. In the fall, Charlton orchestrated games of Fiasco and The Shab-al-Hiri Roach. We’re only going up from there. I’ll bring my recent Ghostbusters adventure for sure, as well as use the intervening month to flesh out an idea I’ve got percolating for a Fiasco playset. Or maybe I’ll splurge on the Gamma World set. I dunno.

In the interest of self-disclosure, I’ll cop to being one of the folks who organize these game days. Our motivations are purely to provide more opportunities for groups of people to get together and play games and the glowing rush of knowing we did something that made those people happy.

If you’re in the Barre-Montpelier area on January 8th and have a few free hours, I hope you’ll stop by. It’s gonna be a fun day of gaming.

2 thoughts on “[Green Mountain Game Days] Winter Weirdness 2011

  1. I think this is a great idea. I’m not sure yet if I can make it up from Boston – I’ll be in Barre and Montpelier only a few weeks before – but please make sure you guys always post these over at EN World. I’ll be sure to tell my Vermont gamer friends about this as well. Fiasco shouldn’t be missed.

    If I can make it up, I’ll definitely run something, but I don’t want to commit ’til I’m sure.

    – Kevin (Piratecat, ENW admin)

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