What Do You Want to Play?

Theron at My Dice Are Older Than You brought the perennial question out of RPG.net and into the wild: “What do you want to play?”

That sword cuts two ways for me. I want to play in a game where I feel the GM is working with we players and neither aiming to grind us down nor controlling our actions to suit his desires. I want to play with a group with a collective sense of humor that walks the line of keeping it lighthearted without straying into absurdity. I want to play a game that celebrates “the triumph of intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism,” to make this cross-topical.

In terms of content, I think any of these would make me happy:

  • A Spelljammer-esque sandbox campaign in which the party has come into ownership of their own vessel and a letter of marque from one of the sides in the next Inhuman War. So we can make money and do adventure-some things.
  • A Mage: The Ascension campaign because I still have yet to actually play that game. I won’t say any campaign at all, because I am not down with the “Technocratic Science Heroes Bring Progress to the Backwards Traditionalists” interpretation, but I like to pretend I would be up for most frameworks.
  • A station-based science fiction campaign, something like Babylon 5 or Star Trek: Deep Space 9, where the bulk of the action happens at a crossroads of species and cultures, but there’s also the opportunity for travel to distant locales. Probably more Deep Space 9 than Babylon 5 in all honesty, then.
  • A reality cops game in the manner of the Thursday Next novels, although maybe with a more strongly woven background mythos. Ooh. Imagine it were done with the organization rules in Angel! And pull background information from Collegio Januari, maybe . . . I should stop, probably. Or at least stash that idea for later.

What are you jonesing to play that you aren’t currently?


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