National Gaming Day 2010 is Tomorrow

Tomorrow, November 13th, is National Gaming Day 2010. Over 1800 libraries are participating this year, celebrating the twin goals of playing more games and visiting your local library with both board and video gaming, including tournaments and prizes donated by game publishers.

In Vermont, there are about a dozen libraries participating in National Gaming Day. Of two of them, I can tell you more. Richard and Bethany, they of Border Board Games in Derby Line, will be sharing some of their favorite board games at the Goodrich Library in Newport, Vermont. Their favorites and whatever else they can fit into the Big Frakkin’ Bag — which, frankly, needs to be documented to be believed; it’s just that big.

Meanwhile in Burlington, I and some friends will be at the Fletcher Free Library playing games and hopefully meeting some new folks. Until I need to cut out to go demo games as a Man in Black at the Gathering of the Gamers in Middlebury. It’s going to be a busy Saturday for board games!

If you’re not sure what’s going on in your area for National Gaming Day, you should check out this Batchgeo map that shows all the currently registered participating libraries — Burlington isn’t on there yet, but they’re definitely on board.

Get out and play some games tomorrow!

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