Gone to Carnage the 13th

Lake Morey was grey and rainy yesteray. Perfect gaming weather!

By the time this post appears, I’ll already be at the Lake Morey Resort for Carnage the 13th in Fairlee. The convention kicks off at 1:00 today. I decided to keep my schedule loose this year, running only three games:

  • Saturday morning is the first run of GURPS Ghostbusters: Pumpkin Jack.
  • Saturday evening is Arkham Horror with my special blend of expansions, highlighting The Lurker at the Threshold.
  • Sunday morning (10:00 AM) is the second run of Pumpkin Jack.

Yes, I have two morning slots. The sacrifices I make for you people. Other than that, I expect I’ll hang out in the Waterlot room, which is role-playing central, or the bar. Oh, and definitely hitting the Fairlee Diner for breakfast on Sunday. Here’s hoping for sausage gravy and biscuits!

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