Nonchalant Gnome Society Seeks New Members

Playing Gloom at the United Way of the Adirondacks.

The Nonchalant Gnome Gaming Society, based around Plattsburgh, New York, is looking for expand their ranks — and they’re getting some ink about it, like an article in the Press Republican on October 20th:

The gamers are actively trying to recruit new members these days. They said they are “very happy to teach” any newcomers.

They said they welcome players of all abilities, too.

“Most of the games are new to us,” Henry said. “We are collectors who buy games periodically when we hear about them. You learn as you go.”

The article also mentions they intend to hold some play in public events, which I theorize comes from the blog Seize Your Turn‘s same-named Play in Public campaign. If you have any gaming friends in the Plattsburgh area, let them know about the Nonchalant Gnome Gaming Society.

[Reposted from Green Mountain Gamers.]

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