National Gaming Day 2010

National Gaming Day logo

Image by ALA staff via Flickr

This afternoon I met up with Will, the teen literacy coordinator at the Fletcher Free Library here in Burlington. After missing the chance last year to attach our own Saturday board gaming to the National Gaming Day participation roster, Brennan got on the stick early, which led to my meeting Will today.

I think we’re on track for something fun this November 13th. Will’s excited to have people interested in bringing board games to Fletcher Free Library programming — or ramping it back up, since Saturday board gaming went into summertime hibernation — and we staunch hobbyists will be happy to get the slightly higher profile for a day.

Video games seems to be the emphasized element at National Gaming Day, judging by photos and comments from the previous years’ participants. I hope that a more board game — and dare I hope role-playing? — centric game day at the Fletcher is in the offing. Not because I have anything against video games; they’re just not my thing. If someone rolled up to the Fletcher with an armful of consoles and monitors on November 13th, they’d fit right in. I can even think of one or two people I with the ability to do so. But I do think this is going to be more of a non-electrified game experience.

I’m really looking forward to it. It’s the Saturday after Carnage, which is a shame in some ways, because there are people who will still be too fried to make the trek. The scheduling could work out in other ways, though. There are always people who can’t or don’t go to Carnage. A library game day might be the right thing for them.

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