Searching for Lost America Delves into Stone Chambers

Phil Imbrogno, favored guest on almost all the paranormal podcasts I listen to, leads the way as a primary source in this video preview of a television series called Searching for Lost America. The seven minute clip encapsulates a lot of what’s been bandied about in the topic of New England’s stone chambers. It also brings up some details I hadn’t heard before, such as the similarity in construction techniques to Celtic structures in the BCE timeframe. That’s not proof, of course. It just means whoever built those particular chambers learned up a useful, time-honored technique somewhere.

I’ve heard Phil talk about the stone chambers of New York’s Hudson Valley before, sometimes in conjunction with UFO sightings and sometimes as sources of oddness on their own. He’s an excellent weaver and teller of stories, but I’m going to stick with Giovanna Neudorfer on this one, at least as far as the real world goes. On the role-playing side, this television series sounds like a great source for all kinds of crazy stuff to cram into a game about the lost history of North America. I’ll track the episode down, if only to flesh out my own ideas of fictional uses for the stone chambers.

I haven’t found any hard information on what channel or when this series airs, but when I do, I’ll pass it on.

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