Powerchords Kickstarter Campaign Begins

Phil Brucato, former line developer of Mage: The Ascension and the lamentably confused Deliria, began a fund raising campaign on kickstarter.com to publish a role-playing sourcebook called Powerchords, “dealing with magic, music and urban fantasy.”

It will nominally be set in the world of Deliria, according to Brucato, but adaptable to any setting — which can’t be difficult, given how little of a written setting came with Deliria. Check out the blurb:

Music enchants. Elevates. Destroys. Literally shapes our world.

It’s also a cornerstone of urban fantasy adventures.

The modern bard. The faerie singer. The mad fiddler or vampire rock star – this is their domain.

But the wild allure of mystic bardery is a hard path to pursue. There are devil-deals and heartbreaks, load-ins and flame-outs and two-minutes warnings where the crowd might literally eat you alive.

Do you have the courage to throw down with legends?

Let’s ROCK!!!

Sometimes Brucato’s past work wandered far enough into “woo” territory to make the rationalist in me fidgety — which is, in retrospect, an interesting reaction for something that’s fiction from start to finish — but I really like the sound of the premise. Then again, I really liked the sound of Deliria and was hugely let down by the lack of setting material in such a thick book — in all honesty, I can’t remember finishing the book, so maybe I just gave up before getting to the setting chapters.

The perks of donating are pretty cool. $25 or more gets the backer a PDF of the book, plus the opportunity to name a band mentioned in the book. $50 gets one a color hardcover copy of the book in addition to previous perks.

I’m personally underwhelmed by pledge-based publishing ventures. The last one I participated in, the original printing of Wild Talents, was a letdown as well, in the sense that I just really didn’t care for the book created. That’s the gamble one takes with putting up money for something that hasn’t been published. The benefit is that books that wouldn’t normally see the light of day because of their niche appeal do so, but the people who put up the money don’t know what they’re getting until the dust has settled and the money spent.

If Powerchords sounds like your bag, think about flipping the design team a couple bucks. Urban fantasy’s an underrepresented genre in role-playing. Opportunities like this give people the chance to directly express their interest or lack thereof in urban fantasy role-playing.

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