GURPS Ghostbusters: Pumpkin Jack Update

The Carnage submission deadline passed by while I was on hiatus. Due to scheduling concerns and other demands on my time, including taking on more duties as a convention staffer this year, I decided to scale back on running games this year. So in addition to a session of Arkham Horror, I’m going to run Pumpkin Jack twice. Yes, twice, on both Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Sunday morning’s typically a low energy time slot at any convention, so that can work both against me — there won’t be many people awake — and for me — those who are awake don’t have many choices in what to play. But really the key benefit is I now only have to write one adventure instead of two. I still want to write that Broken Spokes adventure, but it wasn’t coming together very easily and I think Ghostbusters will be a bigger draw for obvious reasons.

Convention games are always a crap shoot. You never know what’s going to grab the interest of that year’s attendees. I feel reasonably confident about Pumpkin Jack, though. It’ll certainly go off Saturday morning, if not Sunday. And if it doesn’t go off Sunday, then no big deal. It’s not like all the times I wrote an adventure that didn’t get played at all.

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