Back in Business

After a month off, I return to the blogging hobby. And I do need to remind myself it’s a hobby. It’s too easy to let myself slip into amateur journalist mode, which is more time intensive than I’m interested in getting into.

August was an atypical gaming month for me. I went to Tuesday night board games a few times — it’s been quiet lately because it’s summer, which is a very special three months in Vermont when people spend as much time outdoors as possible; cases in point are Alex and Houser, who went off to hike the Long Trail.

I’ve got an actual play report or two coming up, on the role-playing games I played. Yes, I actually got some role-playing. I’m shocked too. One was a FATE variant and the other All Flesh Must Be Eaten. I even joined an on-going fantasy campaign. Astounding. More on those in the coming weeks.

Other than that, I mostly spent August thinking only tangentially about games. I read Christian’s print zine Destination Unknown. I watched the glorious DVD version of Gold. I contributed to planning this year’s Carnage convention.

For September, I predict I will finally write out Pumpkin Jack with time for playtesting in October, buy the Back to the Future card game, think longingly on the still too far off Betrayal at House on the Hill release, do my due diligence for the fantasy campaign — primarily explaining why my character has a badger for an animal companion — and probably still not get any further in my Read ‘Em ‘Cause You Got ‘Em effort.

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