The 2010 ENnies

I did vote in the ENnies this year. I did. I just wasn’t psyched about it. For whatever reason, nothing in the role-playing hobby that came out in the last year really caught my attention and ardor. I think I was busy making what I already owned work for me.

There was maybe one category in the ENnies with a nominee I had any emotional investment in, never mind curiosity, Best Podcast. All Games Considered, a show for which I’ve already expressed my appreciation, is back in the running after winning the category in 2009. So I voted for them.

My feelings about awards for games seem to vacillate. Sometimes I find them useful as a guide to games worth checking out. Other times they seem completely inapplicable to my game-playing desires. This year’s Spiel des Jahres nominee list was a similar situation for me, so don’t think I’m bagging on role-playing game publishers or the people who nominated this year’s ENnie contenders.

None of it seems relevant to me these days. I spend more time thinking about my own gaming efforts and activity in the local community than what game is hot elsewhere in the world. I’m clearly in the middle of a grassroots phase.


2 thoughts on “The 2010 ENnies

  1. I voted, though it’s more just to have a chance to look over new material. There is so much stuff that comes out and unlike the old days when I’d make weekly trips to the local game store (Dream Wizards in Rockville, MD!) it’s hard to really see what is in the pipe, even with the internet.

    • The internet’s a useful tool for communication, but it seems so rarely used well, particularly in a glorified cottage industry for role-playing.

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